Best of Year 2011

 It’s 1st Jan and thankfully a Sunday…since I have not yet been enlightened on why does the year pass by incredibly fast??…I continue to get surprised as previous year with some memories rushing through…..

Last year and the year before that, I was occupied and preoccupied with the chores (pardon me for saying this but every duty had it’s own fun) of raising up a baby for the first time. It never struck me to mark special days all through the year to make it special for my little bundle of abundance. However,the little brain has suddenly got a big dose of grey cells. He asks funny questions and has answers to most of them through his observations. I can go on and on about the little wonder.I compensated for the 1.5 years by celebrating life and every occasion to make him understand the little special things.
The festivals have become special now….as I have an added duty of googling the relevance of each festival and reveal it to the young guy…

Like, his dad played holi with him, drenching him in colors and water( the dirty boys used dirty water). I was busy making puranpolis at home for both. Even they did not disturb until the last poli was neatly folded after a generous helping of ghee. Well after that it was colors all over.

Ganpati festival has always been special for me. This year when squeaky voiced croaked Ganpati Bappa Morya, as friends had informed him this is how you welcome the lord home, I knew we are due for great fun. Then followed those typical scenes that rolled in front of both me and my husband's eyes as if someone was playing us the flashbacks of our childhood. Tugging at the base of mommy when she is busy making goodies, sitting next to the Lord's idol throughout watching the prasad.

Diwali was extra special, with tiny hands clapping and cheering when the flower pots were busy lighting up the sky. Like each year I made the traditional sweets. My bunny went on a propaganda , telling the world about the goodies made at home.

At last, I brought in xmas in the true festive spirit by hosting a party for family, making some baked and unbaked goodies. The ferrero roucher affair was truly appreciated and is still being talked about.

The year also marks my entry to the blogosphere with me writing more than 150 posts. I also moved from making some basic recipes like the regular dal roti to doing a project of cake decoration for my darling niece and dear hubby's birthdays respectively.

Although not being  the one to talk about materialistic acquisitions loudly ,I am very glad to talk about a little gift that I recieved from DH which embarks me to fulfill my dream of having an idle life in the hustle bustle of a city like mumbai. I hope to do a post of my little backyard farm in the next year.

The gone year will also leave its impression as the year of modern age revolutions with some political uproars and stirs that made us ponder on aspects of basic human rights. I may not be contributing in action to any of these activities, but in thoughts and prayers I plead for a  peaceful and harmonious surroundings.

I wish all my readers a great year ahead. 

For a tradition that has been part of my living system, I will make a few to-dos and resolution that I know, will altered or achieved around same time next year, until then have a blast and match your list with mine below,
1) Watch what I put in my mouth in terms of calories and health 
2) Cuss a little less while driving
3) Post more and regularly
4) Do more justice to some hobbies
5) Visit mom a little more
6) Spread cheer where ever possible


Sangeetha M said…
Hi Pradnya
First time here,wishing U a very Happy N Successful NewvYear 2012!! Loved your space n glad to join here...if time permits drop by mine n join as well :) thank you !!
Archana said…
Hi this is the lovely post. Enjoyed it. Happy new year

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