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If you enjoy eating out more often then a place you should try to eat at Aroma's @ powai. Ofcourse, now don't tell me that you are not living in Mumbai, If so then enjoy the post for the details.

The place has a great ambience some thing that fits between a cafe and lounge. The biggest surprise is the food menu. You dont have to sip your cup with the regular sandwich or puffs. They have a detailed menu which is ofcourse continental but has a wide platter that serves european, moroccon and italian cuisine. 

I am yet to try but have heard rave reviews about the breakfast that is served till 11:00 AM. This place is not heavy on the pockets either. 
I am allowed to click pictures on the road rite?

empty glass ha ha

Virgin Mary

Chicken Peri Peri

Mushroom Risotto

Apple Pie
We (DH is partner in crime for recommendations) recommend you to try all the dishes that we have eaten. 

Garlic Mushroom pot pie - **** (1 less for not serving the chilli flakes along with it, you can ask and make it good yourself, but then I did not want to cook in the first place - remember)
Chicken Peri Peri - *** (could be more spicier to be authentic)
Mushroom Risotto - *** (It was not the best risotto, but good for first timers)
Spring rolls - ****
Apple Pie - *****

Virgin Mary - *** (They forgot to coat the rim with salt)

The Apple pie is highly recommended no matter what you eat and how much you stuff yourself before that. I have eaten it all 4 times that I have visited this place.

2 thumbs up 
Well, you will only read about restaurants that get my 2 thumbs up I am just being a guide not a critic :) 


Aarthi said…
they all look delicious

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