White peas burger & non mayo coleslaw

I made these long back as a farewell for my dear nephews. The original plan was to make a McDonald style burger. Eventually I ended up making this burger which was better than the regular mix veg patty. If you know how the ragada of the ragada patties tastes in texture then you would realize that this patty retained lot of moisture in it. Thus when the burger was stacked up the patty layer it did not taste like  piece of food that has gone stale.

Ingredients For (8 burgers)
Burger buns – 8
8 cheese slices
8 green lettuce/ blanched spinach/ salad leaves
2 medium tomatoes sliced in roundels
1 large onion thinly sliced in roundels
For Burger patty
1 cup whole / split white peas soaked for 4-6 hours(I used whole white peas- Safed vatana)
4 medium potatoes boiled with skin – peeled and mashed
2 tspn ginger garlic paste
2 tspn chopped green chillies
1 tspn red chilly powder
½  tspn garam masala
2 tbsp corn starch
Salt to taste
Oil to roast
For coleslaw (Without Mayo)
1 cup grated cabbage
1 cup grated carrots
½ cup hung curd
salt to taste

1) Slit the burger buns and toast them on a pan. This will prevent the buns from turning soggy when you start sandwiching it later. Use butter if you like
2) Pressure cook the soaked white peas with just about enough water until they are completely cooked. Drain the water and mash the peas.
3) Add the mashed potatoes, and all the ingredients to make a thick stuffing like dough. If the mixture is very sticky then add more corn starch.
4) Taste the patty at this stage to know the salt content as it will be difficult to correct it later. Remember the patty is the heart of the burger
5) Form 8 large patties using this dough and roast it on a flat griddle using oil to brush the patties. It should be well roasted from both sides.
6) Mix all the ingredients for the coleslaw and set aside.
7) Now place the lower slide of the burger bun on a microwavable dish and place a salad/ lettuce leaf on it. Add the coleslaw  on top and then place the hot burger patty.
8) Place tomato and onion(optional) slices on the burger and add some tomato ketch up on it and this stage.
9) Top it with cheese slice and place the top burger bun . Secure using a tooth pick and microwave on high for 1 minute.
10) Repeat for rest.
Serve with health baked fries and tomato ketchup

Sending this to Kalyani's Global food festival & - Amy's Party foods 


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