Shabby Trifle

Dont get put off reading the name. It is the best I could think of after clicking the pictures.

Trifle as you would know is a multi layered dessert made using custard, cakes, sponges, jelly etc. I make it quiet often for occasions that are attended by as many as 8 people or more. The reason is that I always end up making huge portions. 

Post the birthday celebrations in the last week of september I had many things piled up in the refrigerator. I used them up all to make this shabby trifle. If you are more organized and patient than what I was you would probably also end up making a neat looking trifle. Drop the first half of the name in that case and mail me the pictures :-) 

8-10 pieces of sponge cake (I used the bottom layer of my kiwi fruit cake)
2 cups prepared jelly or custard or both
1 cup chopped fruits ( I used kiwi and pineapple- Both are watery so had to use less amount of juice)
1/2 cup fruit juice (I used pinacolada crush mixed in water)
1 cup whipped cream
toppings - 
2 tbsp Marshmallows (Make a cream of it by mising with 2 tbsp milk and heating on low flame for 5 min)
1 tbsp Nuts
1 tbsp chocolate chips/ shavings
1) In a deep bowl, lay the cake. Sprinkle some fruit juice on it. Spread some fruits on this layer.
2) Next put the set jelly layer.
3) Repeat until the cake, fruits and jelly are used up. Don't hesitate in pushing and squeezing in both things as it would do no harm to the final taste.
4) Cover the top with whipped cream, marshmallows, chocolate chips, nuts and let it set in the fridge for atleast 30 minutes.

5) Before serving, dig deep in the bowl and take piece containing each of the layers. Serve with icecream or more jelly.
I had chocolate marshmallows which I creamed and put on top


Vardhini said…
This is so new and has a lot of interesting ingredients dear.

Event: Halloween Fiesta
First time here and happy to follow u...hope u do the same..
Dish sounds interesting..yum
Do drop by as time permits...

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