Satyanarayan Pooja Prasad/ Sheera

I maybe slower than a tortoise to have reached this 100th post but then, it as worth the wait as looking back I realize now that each of the post has been and experience of gaining more than giving. I would not have liked to rush into this any way other than this.

Satyanarayan pooja prasad is bigger than the actual pooja - No offense to the Lord or the rituals but honestly. The prasad is discussed in the same breath as the pooja preparations.
This year, we got together in our colony to celebrate dassehra by organizing a community Satyanarayan pooja. While all the preparations were being distributed, I picked up the option of making prasad along with many other small things. What I did not realize that point was the quantity. We were talking about 7 Kgs of prasad. 
Anyway, once I decided to go for it there was no looking back. The first thing was arranging for a large vessel, spatula. After that it was about re-assuring to self that I have a foolproof recipe. I had so many people dropping in with suggestions like 
- Do not add equal amounts of ghee to semolina people are getting diet conscious. 
- Dont use milk , instead opt for water as it may not stay good.
- Dont add too many dry fruits as the taste may be overpowered.

Well , well, in the end I made one call to my mom and asked her opinion on making prasad using 3.5 Kgs of Semolina alone. She said, just follow your usual recipe, start in the name of the Lord and he would take care of the rest. Mums are great aren't they!
I wish I could take better pictures of the prasad but was left with only this much amount in the end. People actually fed themselves with the prasad as if it was their breakfast or brunch.
The recipe for pooja prasad needs to end with ingredients weighing anything + 1/4 (Savva or 1.25 times) You can follow the recipe to the T. I am stating only the basic amounts

1 1/4 Kg Semolina
1 1/4 Kg Ghee (Use Cow's ghee as it gets absorbed better)
1 1/4 Kg Sugar (regular crystal)
2.5 Litres of Milk (heavy cream based- Do not use Skimmed milk)
10 gms of Cardomom pods (Remove seeds and make a fine powder- Pulse in mixie with spoonful of sugar)
2 cups (300 gms) Dry fruits (I used Raisins + Cashews + Almonds) 

1) In a smaller pan, take some ghee from the existing quantity of ghee and fry the dry fruits. Drain them and set aside.
2) Heat the ghee along with the remaining ghee  in a pan large enough to hold 3 times the quantity of the semolina. The ghee should be sufficiently hot. 
3) Now add the entire quantity of semolina in the hot ghee and quickly reduce the flame and stir the semolina vigorously. Keep roasting for another 10-15 min. Stir in very well, use help if required. The semolina should release a sweet aroma after some time . Ensure that it does not get burnt. The quantity of the semolina also doubles up (about double)
4) Boil the milk in a seperate vessel in the meantime and set aside.
5) When the semolina is completely ready, steadily add the hot/ warm milk and stir simultaenously.
6) Add the cardamom powder and fried dry fruits and stir again.
7) When the milk is absorbed well add the sugar and stir again.Cover the pan and let it stand till the sugar dissolved. Keep a watch and stir if your fear of it sticking or burning at the base.

The prasad is ready.

If you wish to add Banana as required for most poojas then you can add 1+ 1/4 cups of banana (slit in round pieces) in the ghee before adding the semolina. Stir well until the banana becomes a mashed pulp and slightly changes color.
Also, you can add some kesar in the end mised in warm milk.

I avoided banana as the quantities were huge and the weather was hot and humid. I feared that it may make the prasad sour. This never happens as is the saying, prasad always tastes good.


Sumee said…
That prasad looks divine! Lord always makes his prasad tastes good when prepared with devotion.. Isn't it. :)
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thanks so much for linking your post to my event! :)

again, my name is NOT KAVERI!!!!!
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