Anything that is this simple and delicious is always welcome. My diwali this year kicked off with a new dish. It was welcomed by one and all.
I do not remember where did I get the recipe from as I have been blog hopping for a while this season. But the final confirmed recipe came from Popular marathi cookbook - Ruchira for technique and my Sis-in-law for the ingredients. I ended up with my own recipe as always.

2 cups of All purpose flour
3 tbsp Vegetable Oil/ Butter (salted)
2 tspn crushed black pepper
3/4 cup warm milk 
salt to taste
food color (Optional)
Oil to fry
1) In a large bowl, take the All purpose flour.

2) Add  Vegetable oil or butter,salt, pepper.. Watch the salt content in case you use salted butter.

3) Add  warm milk and make a stiff dough
4)  Divide in 3 parts and add food colors of your choice (Optional step)
5) Make small balls and roll out elongated puris.

6) 5) Using a cutter make thin strips in the center making sure that the ends are not separated.

7) Join the two ends using some milk.
 8) Hold the top of the champakali and give it a twist , repeat at the other end.

  9) Heat the oil in a deep frying pan, add one champakali at a time and let it cook on low flame.
10) Remove from heat when it turns golden in color

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Priya Suresh said…
Prefectly done, they looks super cute and quite addictive..
Vardhini said…
New one and looks cute.

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Unknown said…
very nicely made!...delicious and addictive!
Mélange ! said…
Superb pictorial..I love the cuties..Perfect !
Gayathri Kumar said…
Looks so nice. I also prepare a sweet version by dipping in sugar syrup. But I didn't know the name. Thanks for the tutorial..
Srivalli said…
Ok this goes by the name Panasa thonallu in telugu which is a famous sweet, next to kaja..nice one..:) on your email comment..:)
Suma Gandlur said…
Yummy. As Valli mentined we make a sweet version of it. When I heard champakali, I was thinking about a chena sweet. LOL.
Cool Lassi(e) said…
That is a gorgeous looking sweet. Bookmarking it. Dunno if i have the guts to try.
absolutely stunning!!loving these!!
veena said…
oooh!!!!looks so the way u have made them!!!!

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