BesanKaju barfi

A little twist to the regular besan laddoo and kaju barfi, enjoy it together, we are enjoying the delectably lethal combination.

Ingredients (for 100 pieces)
1 Kg Coarsely ground Chickpea flour
250 gm Finely ground Cashews
450 gm Powdered sugar
500 gm Clarified Butter (Ghee)
2 tsp cardamom powder
1 tbsp crushed nuts
100 gm raisins
5 Silver leaves
1) In a large wok/ kadhai heat the butter until it is very hot. Reduce flame.

2) Add the sieved chickpea flour and stir immediately.
3) Keep roasting till the color changes and the raw smell vanishes. This would take about 45 min or so. Be patient and stir constantly on low flame.
 4) Add the powdered cashews and quickly stir in. Keep roasting for another 5 min. Switch off the flame.
 5) On a small spoon, heat some kesar until it is crispy. About 30 seconds.
6) Add little milk to it and see the kesar bleed beautiful color (** tip from MIL)
 7) Let the mixture cool off completely. Now add the powdered sugar (finely sieved).
 8) Mix the mixture well. Taste at this stage and check for more sugar.
 9) In a deep dish, pour some ghee and and grease it well. Add the mixture and smoothen using the back of the spoon.
 10) Apply the silver leaves to cover most of the surface.
 11) Add the chopped nuts and let it sit until it sets. About couple of hours.
 12) Cut the pieces as per your preference.

Watch it disappear gleefully!


innovative combo....heard of besan n badaam ...but kaju...looks super tempting!!
Harini said…
Delicious burfi!
Sumee said…
wow.. looks great.. Happy Diwali
R said…
looks super delicious, Happy Diwali!
Suma Gandlur said…
Lovely. They look like store boughtones. :)
Happy Diwali!!
Vardhini said…
Yummy .. love the lining on top.

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Srivalli said…
Very nice!..Hope you had a great time!
Cool Lassi(e) said…
Applying Silver Leaves to the sweets adds a touch of elegance!
layaa said…
Awesome sweet,great clicks.....
Unknown said…
yummy sweet!...good one...i made an almost similar one! only 1 main ingredient difference! :)
Padmajha said…
Wow looks so inviting!

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