Vegetable Cake and Chips (Fish and chips style)

"Fish in chips" in some way can be defined as England's national dish, although in reality it is chicken tikka masala that makes it to the top spot.
Fish n chips is easily available in the neatest of pub to any road side pasty shop. The combinations and side dished are pretty standard but it always comes across well in taste each time. I tasted the regular fish n chips for the first time in chicago on a chilly night when we had practically run out of all eating options at mid night. The joint where I ate used to specialize in mexican food but were only left with fish and chips on their menu that night. My first experience was pretty bad, they served cat fish with french fries and tartar sauce. None of it was apetizing even for a hungry stomach. Years later, a friend insisted that I should taste the fish n chips in London one more time so that opinion changes about it this time around. I could not gather the courage to eat the fish that they served but definitely tasted a small bit. It was truly different and this time worth the words I heard about it.
I have tried re-creating it this time with many twists, no fish and mayonaisse for the tartar sauce.

200 gm Elephant foot Yam  cut in thin slices
1 tspn kokum extract (mangosteen/ lime juice can be used)
1 tspn red chilly powder
1 tspn haldi powder
2 tbsp corn starch slurry
1 tbsp fine semolina
1 tbsp all purpose flour
salt to taste
Oil to cook
To serve
French fries (The way you prefer) I used the microwaved version
Boiled Vegetables
Mashed Potatoes
Tartar Sauce - (I used hung curd mixed with chopped capers)
1) Rub salt and kokum extracts on the thin slices of yam so that they lose the itchiness and absorb the sour flavor.
2) Add the red chilli powder and turmeric to the yam.
3) Now dip the yam in all purpose flour and then in the corn starch slurry. Then dip it in the semolina.
4) In a pan heat some oil and then shallow fry the yam pieces till they are done on each side.
5) Serve with the chips, vegetables and sauces.

Next day a friend who tasted the leftover commented that she was shocked to eat a piece of fish at my home. I eventually told her what she really ate instead of fish and she could not believe. Not to say that yam replaces the need to eat fish but it came pretty close.


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