Potato and green leaves croquette

This is so yummy...just melts in the mouth after you take a bite into the outer crunchy crust.

2 cups of Mashed potatoes
1 cup of blanched chopped green leafy vegetables (Spinach, Spring onions etc. Avoid Fenugreek as it will overpower the flavors)
2 tbsp brown bread crumbs
2 tbsp corn flour slurry (Use beaten eggs if you like)
1) In a bowl, mix the mashed potatoes and green leafy vegetables .Make small rolls or balls of the mixture.
2) Dip each of the roll/ ball in the slurry and then in the bread crumbs. Set them aside.
3) Brush a frying pan with some oil and on medium heat, shallow fry the croquettes.
4) Serve with your choice of sauce.

Sending this to priya’s  Dish it out with Potatoes and Leafy Greens based on Vardhini's Dish it Out


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