Pizza dough with yeast

Ahh my worst fears of using yeast are behind me. I must have been an idiot 5 years ago when I first,  and after a couple of times, last attempted making yeast based products. I behaved as if PETA was watching my back when I used yeast. I took the instructions literally as if I was cooking some animals alive.
Like when they said on the pack, watch for the temperature of water lest it kills the yeast. I never added luke warm water to the yeast. I cooled it off after heating it. Second they said, that the yeasts will grow in size and double up the dough size. In my case this never happened, but still I did not knead the dough after that fearing that I might knock down the colonies that the yeast company had created.
All in all, I wasted a good amount of dough that smelled yucky and never gave me a puffed up pizza or bread.
Good sense has prevailed and I made another attempt with yeast this time around.

My pizza’s were so good that DH has declared it to be the best pizza ever.

Ingredients Yields 4 medium pizza
200 gm All purpose Flour, sifted
100 gm Semolina
10 gm Active Dry yeast
1 cup luke warm water( Just abt 100degree centigrage)
1 tspn sugar
2 tspn Oilve Oil/ Vegetable Oil
Salt to taste
1) Mix the flour and semolina along with salt in a large bow. Form a well in the centre and keep aside
2) In a cup add the lukewarm water and sugar and mix well. Add the yeast to it and let it stand in a cool dark place.

3) The yeast mixture should start frothing after 10 min. Add this to the flour mixture in the well along with the half of the oil and knead the dough. Use more water if required. If the dough is sticky grease your hands with the remaining oil and knead. Knead enough so that the dough becomes sponge like and springs back when pushed in the middle.
Note the marking for the dough size 
4) Let the dough sit for 30 min in a cool dark place. The dough will double in size. 

5) Use as required or freeze it.

Top it with your favorite veggies and cheese


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