Mashed Potatoes

My English food hangover constantly takes me back to this comfort food. In western or continental menu, mashed potatoes are served as a carb replacement which means no bread or rice is served when mashed potatoes are served. However, in India we cannot look at potatoes to play the role of bread or rice. So I use it in small portions with some stir fry, or vegetable sizzler platter etc which also has toasted bread or pasta or herbed rice.To serve 4 people, follow the measures below,

6 potatoes peeled and cubed
½ cup milk1 tbsp butter (optional, use Vegetable oil if you wish to avoid)
1 tbsp chilly flakes/black pepper
2 tbsp chopped spring onions
Salt to taste
1) In a large pan, boil water with some salt, and add the chopped potato cubes. Let it cook until the potatoes are cooked well, knife should be pierced in it easily.
2) Strain the water and return the pan on the stove. Using a fork start mashing the potatoes and slowly add milk until a smooth paste forms. 
3) Now add butter, salt and pepper. Add more milk if the mixture becomes very thick. The texture should be soft dough like.
4) Remove from stove and add the chopped green spring onions. 

Use it as a side dish or stuff it in bellpepper and bake.


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