Ganpati Bappa Morya

Lots of food and loads of fun, this happens whenever the Lord decides to visit us even if for 2 days. No recipes no food talk here..will update that bit later
For now, I have made some vegetable garnishes that I wish to share.
The first picture will be ofcourse of the Lord.
An apple swan comes next...

 Some flowers and leaves made from radish, capsicum, carrot and cucumber leaves. These are pierced in musk melon using skewers
Although we made the regular modaks( post to follow) but I also made the carrot carved.

Another view of the flower basket
A papaya lantern

Sweet lime basket filled with carrot flowers and some wild berries..

I am planning to send this post as an entry to the Create and Carve event.

Create n Carve ~ Fruit and Vegetable September 2011 Event by


Sumee said…
How do u get so much patience to carve Pradnya? Great art work..
soujanya said…
so nice....grt wrk!
@sumee - I must admit it requires a lot of patience, but I was really keen on doing something different this time around. Also, had a great support system back home to encourage.

@Soujanya - Thanks, keeps me upbeat

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