Dhoklas with a difference

I am not pioneering any new technique to make this age old instant steamed delicacy. I am doing what most of you often do. The only thing I do differently is to change the flour , rest everything remains the same. Although the health advantages with gram flour are umpteem it sometimes becomes heavy to digest as compared with the other grains.The below recipe works fine with all the options. I keep changing the flours as per mood which happens to swing a lot.

1 cup Broken Wheat Semolina (Pulse the Lapsi for 1 or 2 times to make this at home)OR
 3/4th Cup gram flour + 1/4th cup Semolina OR
1 cup Coarse corn meal + 1 tbsp All purpose flour OR
3/4th Cup fine corn meal + 1/4th cup Semolina OR
1 cup of water OR 1 cup beaten curd (Use curd when you are using semolina)
¼ tspn turmeric
1 sachet of Fruit salt (Eno)
1 tspn sugar
salt to taste
1 tbsp + 1 tspn Oil
For tempering
1 tspn Oil
1 tspn mustard seeds
1 tspn cumin seeds
1 tspn white sesame seeds
1 sprig of curry leaves
1 tbsp of water (Yes!)
For garnish
Chopped coriander , red chilly powder , crushed black pepper

1) If you are using semolina then soak it in the beaten curds for 10 min (for the above mentioned quantity.
2) Add the flours, salt, sugar, turmeric and mix well. The consistency of the batter should not be runny. A little more water than the cake batter (about 1 tspn more water).
3)Grease the plate that you will use to steam the dhokla batter. Put a pot large enough to hold the plate with water in for boiling. I normally warm the plate in the boiling water (preheating) before adding the batter).
4) Add the batter in the plate. In a large spoon take 1 tspn oil and hold the spoon above the plate with batter and fruit salt to the oil in spoon, now quickly stir in the batter with the spoon and stir so that the foam is distributed in the plate evenly.
5) Place the plate in the steamer  and close with a lid. Let it steam for 12 minutes of until the batter is cooked.
6) Let the plate stand for while until it comes to room temperature.
7) In a separate pan, heat oil and add the mustard seeds and let it crackle, add the cumin seeds, and let it splutter as well. Add the sesame seeds and curry leaves broken by hand. Add a tbsp of water to this. This will allow the tempering to spread evenly and also keep the dhoklas moist.
8) For garnishing, cut the dhoklas in rectuangles and sprinkle with red chilli powder, black pepper and chopped coriander.

Sending it to Krithi's Serve it steamed originally started by Denny.


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