Converted Food Event Round Up

Thanks for the overwhelming response I started off with the idea of seeing some regular easy to make dishes with some simple replacements for eggs 2Cfish and meat. You all have beaten my imagination with the amazing recipes that you shared.   

Vegetarian Soya Kheema Matar replaced the Kheema matar  
Anamika from Taste Junction created the first dish to kick off this event. She shared an interesting recipe of Soya Kheema Matar. Go ahead and serve with rotis or rice or make patti samosas of this

Rajma Galouti Kabab replaces Galouti Kabab  
Vaishali from Ribbons to pastas shared her first recipe and many more to follow. Who would have thought of rajma as a replacement for meat mince. Check this vegetarian kitchen to see what a feast one can create without meat

Mushroom Risotto replaces the mussles risotto  
Anamika recounts the experience of school days and shares the traits of true taurians. She thinks that we should learn the art of adaptability from the rice grains which blend in the flavors that they are cooked. In the process we get to visually relish this beautiful risotto recipe that is commonly made using seafood like mussels.   

Vegetarian Nargisi Kofta replaces the Nargisi
Vaishali from ribbonstopastas recreated the magic of the famous nawabi cuisine Nargisi kofta in all aspects. Traditionally these are made with hard boiled eggs stuffed in minced meat encasing which are then deep fried and mixed in a gravy. When the koftas are served they are slit in the centre so that the beautiful layers of different colors can be seen. She has managed to build the effect to the T with also creating different layers of colored paneer. Check the picture to believe.   

Mushroom bruschetta replaces the chicken bruschetta
Pavani from cooks-hideout managed to create this beautiful vegetarian bruschetta using mushrooms despite her hubby not liking them. She also mentions of using eggplant which can also be an option for the vegetarians. The picture is so pretty that you would not care what it really carries on it.   

Vegetable Hyderabadi Biryani replaces the chicken biryani  
Vaishali gives us this mouthwatering recipe for the famous hyderabadi biryani. For the vegans she suggests using tofu instead of paneer. See the step by step evolution of this amazing recipe  

Daal-e-maharani replaces the traditional Daal-e-gosht
Another wonderful creation from ribbonstopastas Vaishali creation. The picture is so inviting that you wont really miss the meat in the daal. She also explains how the nawab bawarchis made them in old days with coal fire cooking. Also look out for the herbed paneer recipe that is embedded in the same post.   

Corn and Chickpeas seekh kabab replaces the Minced meat based kabab
Priya from priya ‘s easy n tasty recipes gives us this healthy option of baked kababs which completely replaced the need for minced meat. The delicious looking pictures say it all  

Vegetairan Chili replaces the classic Chicken Chili   
Sumedha from Sumee‘s culinary follows shravan by being a vegetarian during this month of the year. She made a nutrition packed vegetarian chili in place of the classic beef chicken chili. I have promised her to try her recipe next time when I make some corn bread.  

Spaghetti with soya meat balls replaces the quintessential Spaghetti with Meat Balls   
To provide a wholesome one meal dish the spaghetti with meat balls which surprisingly is not an Italian but American in origin is a common option. The latin american influence could have played a role in bringing this dish to Newyork where it as per wikipedia has originated.   

Vegetarian Fish and Chips to replace the English Fish and Chips
Apologies if I have hurt anyone E2 80 99s sentiments on the origin of fish and chips. Although it is popularly consumed all across the globe including India I like the way they are made and served in the UK. So my vegetarian version draws its influence from them.

Does this leave you asking for more..for me it definitely does. I loved the experience of hosting this event and receiving the marvelous entries. So until next edition eat good food with or without meat

I did my best to collate the information. If I have misinterpreted or missed on something please feel free to bash me on my email not on the comments form .


thanks for this wonderful event...I really enjoyed this was a totally new concept..a little challenging ....n i can see fellow bloggers giving us some amazing recipes.looking fwd to another challenging event:))
Taste Melanger said…
Thanks for having this theme to get to see some uncommon recipes :)
Sumee said…
Great roundup Pradnya.
Thanks all for the great support.

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