I usually make the bhature using baking soda. However from the cheese burst pizza hangover, I had some yeast lying around. And with new found love for yeast, I decided to make a go for the yeast based bhature.

Ingredients (Makes 8 -10 medium size)
2 cups of All purpose Flour
½ Semolina (Fine)
2 tbsp sour curds beaten
1 ½  cups warm water
10 gm dry active yeast
1 tspn sugar
salt to tase
Oil to deep fry
1) Soak the semolina in ½ cup warm water and let it sit for ½ an hour.
2) In a glass container, take the lukewarm water and add sugar and mix well. Now add the yeast and let it sit for 10 min or until a froth is formed at the top
3) In a large dish, take the all purpose flour. Add the semolina, mixture, curd , salt and yeast mixture and start kneading. Use more water if required.
4) Let this sit for 15-20 min or until the dough doubles in size.
5) Make small balls of the mixture and start rolling out. Using your for fingers stretch the edges.
6) In a deep drying pan, heat some oil on high flame, drop the bhatures and let it cook on side and then flip over, reduce the flame and remove when it just start turning golden.
7) Serve with chhole and pudina chutney.

You can also bake these bhatura’s. Brush them with oil and pop it in preheated oven at 180C on baking sheet sprayed with oil. Flip the side after 2 minutes and let it rise. Let them stand for 2-3 more minutes.


khushi said…
I loveee chole bature...guess what its recipe is in my draft from a long participate in the events.....following your space :)
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Event :My Diwali My Way
Sumee said…
Ummm... Chole and Bature, on a cold rainy day.. With a hot chai. Ok am in my la-la land now!!! Thanks for the tip of baking

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