2 Tier cake with jelly surprise and kiwi butter cream frosting

It was DH’s birthday and after so many years of being together (courtship and marriage , seems like I know him all my life), he asked me to make a cake using the ingredients that he likes the most in his dessert. 
Well now, you would ask since you know him for so long what is the fuss about. The challenge was that in today’s world when we are exposed to so many variety of foods it becomes difficult to put finger on that one thing he likes the most. I mean, forget him, I cannot tell this for me.
So I listed all the elements that he likes and strongly dislikes to decide on the flavor
1) Exotic Fresh fruits (Kiwi, passionfruits, red grapes)
2) Jelly
3) Vegetarian substitutes for all things possible
1) Chocolate based dessert- Yeah these kind of species exist on planet
2) Sweet frostings

Once I got this listed, I started the elimination process based on things that were available easily and secondly the time to cook and bake. Since his b’day fell on a Tuesday this year, I had only Monday night and Tuesday morning to prepare this cake. 

For Cake
I made one 12 inch Cake and one 6 inch Cake using my never fails me cake recipe.
3 tbsp pineapple juice
1 tbsp corn starch slurry
1 tbsp sugar

For Frosting
100 gm butter at room temperature
2 tbsp thick cream (Used malai)
200 gm Icing sugar
½ cup chopped kiwi
For Jelly
1 packet Weikfield Pineapple flavoured Jelly (85-90 gm)
1 cup chopped fruits
For Topping
1 cup whipped cream
few slices of kiwi
1) Make the cakes and let them cool off completely. For the 12 inch cake, scoop out the centre to make a hollow space. I used the tin of the small cake to make the measurement and using a pairing knife cut around the tin. I also left a thin layer of cake at the bottom so that the jelly does not slide off(Quirky Me!)

2) Make the jelly as per the instructions. In my case, I had to dissolve the jelly mixture and premix in hot boiling water. Stir well and let it stand until it sets. Weikfield jelly does not require refrigeration to set the jelly. If your jelly requires then go ahead and pop it in the refrigerator.

3) Make the frosting by mixing together the butter, icing sugar and cream and whisk it until it is smooth and creamy. This should of cream cheese consistency. Do not add water or milk if it appears to be a little thicker as the fruits would led to that eventually. Add the fruits just before you plan to start icing the cake.

4) Now place the 12 inch cake on your serving plate, fill the hollow with fruits or your choice(pienapple, kiwi). Add the jelly which should have set by now or is of egg white consistency. Make more layer of fruit and cake. 

5) Now gently place the smaller cake on top. Do not press too much but do not worry about it sinking in, that would not happen if your jelly is sufficiently cold and almost set.

6) Start icing the cake starting from the top tier and smoothening it along the edges to gently cover the bottom layer.

7) Fill the gaps with whipped cream and kiwi fruit.

Alternatively you can also make a single tier cake with adding the jelly as a frosting. In such a case, you can add ½ cup of whipped cream to 2 cups of jelly and mix using a beater to form a thick frosting like layer.


Amila said…
I can imagine how tasty this cake is....I love to eat cakes with jello.Looks great.Thanks for sending to my event....
shubha said…
Lovely cake.where do you get fresh cream in mumbai? is it available in powai?

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