Sugar Sprinkles

Now, call this frugal living, or being creative. I saw the different sugar sprinklers in nature’s basket the other day and did not find them worth the cost or look at all. Unless you use them in astronomical quantities they do not lend any taste or flavor. Also, there is a shelf life to it which I can’t promise to meet considering I do not bake fancy cakes round the year (well I think so, DH thinks that’s all what I do). So coming back to the point, I made my own sugar sprinklers which I saw some where on the blogosphere. They looked very pretty crystals.
Here is how I made my own.

2 tbsp Granulated sugar (larger the granules better the result)
pinch of edible powder food color (no liquid)
a drop of almond essence/ oil (optional)
1) In a bowl, mix the sugar with the essence and let it dry
2) Now add the color of your choice and toss the bowl. Do not mix with hand or spoon, just keep shaking the bowl until the color spreads evenly
3) Your sprinklers are ready. I made red, orange and purple.

I also used another set recently. This time I used Caster sugar and liquid color. Start adding with 1 drop at a time to get the color of your choice. Take sugar in a container with cover.Add the color, cover and keep shaking until the color spreads evenly.


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