Papaya pudding

This dish is so simple that I was ashamed to post it as a recipe for long. Cooking without fire gives the perfect reason to share this with all. Also the response I got for this dish was so amazing that I think it is defnitely worth sharing.

1 cup papaya chunks
1 cup sweet condensed milk
chopped fruits for garnish
1) Mix the papaya and condensed milk and blend it to a puree. Add the mixture to a mould quickly as it starts setting as soon as the papaya is pureed.
2) Add any fruits at this stage to the mixture if you like. Also taste the puree to check for additional sugar requirement.
3) Let the mould sit in refrigerator for 15-30 min. The natural pectin in papaya will help the pudding to set, no need to add gelatin or pectin.
4) Unmould and eat.

Can any thing beat the simplicity of this dish? Also, if the pudding refuses to budge out of the mould, do not worry much, you can easily use a knife to run around the edges, the pudding won't loose its shape.

I had added mango chunks during summer, chikoo chunks, custard apples to it earlier. All gets blended very well.

You have to make it to believe it :-)


Archana Vivek said…
very simple and delicious..
Lifewithspices said…
wow so easy pudding ..shd try it..
Jane said…
What a great desert! Will have to try this for my family.
Priya Suresh said…
Pudding without gelatin sounds truly interesting, quite a fabulous dessert..
Deepthi Shankar said…
Papaya pudding is new to me. Nice recipe
jayasree said…
Papaya in pudding is new to me...Very easy to make and looks very delicious too.
Srivalli said…
Now that beats everything!..looks lovely P!
Harini said…
very interesting! Have never tried anything with ripe papaya..
Kalyani said…
We love papaya at home ,, should give it a try.. !
Looks super delicious, first time here and you have a lovely space.
Unknown said…
looks delish...yum!
Suma Gandlur said…
That one is really done in a jiffy. Yummy dessert!
Pavani said…
That's such a simple, but delicious dish. Will have to try.
Cool Lassi(e) said…
Looks perfect! Love the smooth texture! When it comes to dessert I am really partial to puddings and halwas. Cake and tarts came only second to them.
Looks so perfect .. and lip smacking too

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