No bake Cheesecake

This is an all time favorite recipe. Quick and easy to make and loved by all. You can use whatever flavors you want. I usually opt for fruit cheese cakes as you can use the seasonal variety but this time I ran out of fruits as most people are fasting at home. I personally love mocha flavor and used this for making this cheese cake today.

200 gms cream cheese (unsalted)
200 gms whipped cream
200 gms icing sugar
1 tspn vanilla essence
2 packets of cream biscuits (I used 2 Oreo and 1 bourbon)
50 gms butter
1 tspn (instant coffee + cocoa powder)
1) Crush the biscuits with the butter in a food processor to form a mixture.
2) Grease the base of a springform cake tin, and pour the biscuit mixture to form a base. Press gently with hands and let it sit in refrigerator until you are done with the cheese mixture
3) In a large bowl, whip the cream and icing sugar to form stiff peaks.
4) Add the cream cheese and fold it in. Add the vanilla essence and mix again.
5) Pour this mixture on the biscuit base and let it refrigerate for an hour.
6) Spring the cake and serve by sprinkling the coffee and cocoa mixture.
Springform tin

Do remember that since this does not have any eggs or baking the only way we can make this airy and hold its texture is by whipping the cream with icing sugar. Do not use regular sugar or powdered sugar as it wont give you the required texture.
Adding a new picture taken today of the last piece left.

Comments it..tell me have u made the cream cheese or is it ready...
Unknown said…
looks yumm and delish!...can never have enough of cheesecake!
Priya Suresh said…
Very tempting cheesecake,love it anytime..
Pavani said…
Mmmm.. Looks delicious.
Unknown said…
Wow!!!Delicious one Want to try it soon.
Rajani said…
Looks very yummy and light.
Thanks everyone, it is indeed as you have sensed very light and easy.

@Vaishali - Have not tried making the cream cheese yet, but once I made the same cheese cake using home made sour cream, was infact much better in taste, The only hitch is it takes very long to set and needs a lot of beating up sepearately before adding to the cream mixture.
Srivalli said…
That's really awesome one P! maybe a picture showing from the side would've been great for the visual effect..:)
jayasree said…
Easy to make yet a delicious one.
thanks everyone,
@Valli- took your suggestion, adding the side view photo
Cool Lassi(e) said…
Easy breezy cheese cake. No bake cake is my kind of cake!
soujanya said…
Lovely!!! i loved this cake dear..
hav 2 try...
Nice space..keep going..
Gud luck!!
Sinfully delicious .. am gonna try it ..

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