Creamy corn Stuffings

This stuffing is good for canapes, calzones and sandwiches too. This can also be made in to a soup by adding some more seasonings of your choice. The flavor is elevated by the use of cream style corn. Although I have made it without cream style corn whenever I did not find the cans but now no more as I make the cream style corn at home.

1 cup
cream style corn
1 cup regular corn nibblets
½ cup milk
1 tspn corn starch (Make a slurry wby dissolving in water)
salt to taste
1 tspn chilly flakes/black pepper powder
2 tbsp spring onion chopped finely
1 tspn butter/ oil

1)    Heat a pan and melt some butter, add the corn slurry, milk and mix well
2)    Add the cream style corn, corn and stir. Cook until it starts to thicken
3)    Add salt, pepper and onions and mix.
4)    Stuff the creamy corn in your choice of bread
5)    Serve with your choice of salad, salsa or eat as it is.
Since I still had my tortillas around, so I opted to stuff this in it and served with my instant mexican style salsa.


Unknown said…
Looks lips smacking!!!!!
Kalyan said…
This one looks so easy to cook and mouth-watering...delicious!
Rajani said…
some for me pls :D!
Harini said…
sounds easy to fix up !!
Thanks all.
@Kalyan - yes its very easy indeed
@Rajani - do drop by, you will find some available during monsoons most of the time in a week.
@Harini- indeed it is very easy. I made some canapes last time and they went like hot cakes.
Mouthwatering dish . Thanks for your entries to the Event
Unknown said…
this looks really delicious!!!
Priya Suresh said…
So tempting and inviting..
Pavani said…
Very interesting dish with corn. Looks creamy and delicious.
jayasree said…
Interesting recipe with corn...Inviting pic.
Unknown said…
interesting recipe, but the stuffed chapathis look great!
Cool Lassi(e) said…
I see that you are taking advantage of the summer bounty! Lovely stuffing!
Srivalli said…
Now that's really interesting filling..

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