Cream style corn

Normally during monsoons when we easily find the corn ears it is good idea to make the cream style corn at home. It is used mostly over and above the regular corn nibblets in soups and stuffing to get a rich and creamier texture and taste.This can also be made in bulk and stocked up well for couple of months if stored in freezer bags.

American Sweet Corn ears
1)If you find very tender and sweet tasting corn ears, then go to step 3.
2)Blanch the corn ears by putting them for around 30 seconds in a boiling water and then running it under running tap water.

3)Hold the stem in your left hand and using a knife run through the sides of the ears and cut the strips of corns. You do not have to go to the roots of each corn nibble, cut them partially.
4)Repeat until you are done with all sides. Now using the blunt side of the knife repeat the process to extract the cream from the corn.
5)Mix the extracts and store. Use as required


Vardhini said…
My friends do this and freeze the corn.

Regarding the mango pickle, it should last for a year if there is no contamination with water. I still have a little bit of pickle which I made last year. As I said there will be a lot of oil floating on top and that is the preservative.


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