Baked Yogurt

This is the easiest option for a late night dessert. You simply mix up the ingredients let it cook in the oven and then pop it in fridge till the time you want to wait before eating it. There are no time limits to anything, the baking, or refrigerating.
I notched up the cooking challenge by deciding to make the condensed milk at home. While I agree that condensed milk is not something you should invest time unless you have reasons like your local grocery shop running out of stock, you have excess milk and are in no mood to consume it in a day, or like me you are experimental.
So I made the condensed milk for most part of the evening until the dinner was being prepared (by my goodie Elf). Once this was done, the rest of the thing was pretty easy.

2 cups beaten curd (hung and strained of water)
2 cups sweet condensed milk
1 tspn vanilla essence
2 tbsp icing sugar (Confectioner’s/ Powdered)
1 tbsp of fruit (optional) I used some custard apple this time was very good
1)Mix the ingredients in a large bowl and lightly beat together.
2)Taste at this stage and check for the sugar.
If the sugar seems less, add the icing sugar.
Put in small ramekins or individual pie pots and bake in pre-heated oven for 15 min.
Put in refrigerator for 15-30 min.
Garnish with nuts slivers of your choice.


Priya Suresh said…
Sounds very interesting and delicious...Fabulous dessert..
Jane said…
A great simple dessert.
Priya dharshini said…
Luks like pannacotta..Luv to have this dessert..
Unknown said…
Looks simple and yummy!!!!!
jayasree said…
Easy and tasty dessert.
Srivalli said…
That's really interesting..:)..should make it sometime..
Harini said…
truly interesting!
interesting...that was the first thought that came to my mind.....bookmarked..!!
Unknown said…
i dont think i will have that much patience to make condensed milk at home!....nice and simple dessert!
Pavani said…
Very unique experiment. Baked yogurt looks similar to Mishti doi.. Sounds delicious.
Cool Lassi(e) said…
Looks like a super quick late-night snack option. I am loving it!
Rajani said…
Haven't heard about baked yogurt before, nice and interesting. Can imagine the cool and delicious taste :)

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