Appe/ Pan fried dumplings

It has been more than 3 weeks since I bought the appa patra. It brings back the fond memories of child hood when mom used make the sweet or savoury dumplings. I used to feel that it was too much of hard work for her on a sunday. For a family of 5 people she used to stand for hours in front on the gas stove making each of them.
She used to take a lot of efforts per piece. That thing she still continues but the culinary exploits have relatively reduced. She is still fond of cooking and feeding but most of us are on some or other form of diets these days.
Well, anyway, coming back to the appa patra, for the first time I wanted to make the savoury. Some would think I should have opted for the sweet option, but this is me.
So I called mum and asked her for the simplest recipe of all , here it goes, I served it with rasam and chutney. So you get to see one more recipe in this post.

3 cups of rice
1 cup of split black gram
1 cup of split bengal gram
a pinch of baking soda
2 medium onions
salt to taste
Oil for cooking

1) Soak all three grains seperately, overnight. In the morning grind it to a fine batter and mix together.
2) Add salt and let it stand till lunch time.
3) Place the appa patra on the gas stove.
4) Drop 1/2 tspn oil in each section and let it heat.
5) Now drop the batter in each section filled upto the rim.
6) Let it cook and then using a fork flip it over.
7) When they turn golden brown in color, serve them with coconut chutney.

I served with chutney and rassam.


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