Gnocchi with White Sauce

Yes , I love my Gnocchi pasta and dish it often with many things. The good part about gnocchi pasta is that just like its core ingredient potato, it is subtle (almost bland) taste. It is the texture that does the real wonder. You can team it up with so many sauces and create wonderful dishes and side dishes.
For the pasta go to the previous post and follow the recipe till step 6.
For the white sauce do the below steps

Gnocchi with white sauce served with spinach cakes and summer salad

1 tbsp refined flour
1 tbsp butter
1 cup milk
Salt to taste
Seasonings of your choice (red chilly flakes, black pepper, garlic powder)
1)    In a large pot, add butter and flour and sauté on medium flame for 1 minute
2)    Add the milk and stir to avoid forming any lumps.
3)    Let the mixture cook for 5 min until it forms sauce like consistency.
4)    Add the seasonings of your choice and serve with pasta.
5)    You can also bake the pasta, white sauce and cheese of your choice for 10 min.

I have served it with Spinach cake and summer salad.


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