Home baked pizza is often an overhead for most. It take very long to prepare and is finished in minutes. I have tried making pizza several times at home mostly because it is the most simple baking dish and at times is simpler option when family wants to eat something unusual.
My recipe for pizza which has clicked almost always uses a non yeast pizza dough. Which means there is no preplanning required.

Pizza dough
2 Cups Flour (I mix wheat and Maida aka. refined flour in equal proportions)
1 tspn baking powder
1 tspn oil
salt to taste
1 cup water

2 tspn Olive oil/ Butter
 3 chopped tomatoes
handful Basil leaves (Mixed herbs would do)
1 onion chopped
3-4 coves of garlic
2 tspn Chilly flakes
Cheese of your choice
Any other veggies (corn, baby corn, olives, jalapeno, capsicum, mushrooms, paneer)

1) For the pizza dough, sift the dry ingredients and rub the oil to it.
2) Slowly add water and make  a stiff dough. Leave for 15 min. Knead for almost 9-10 times until the dough gets a spring like texture. To test make a depression with the thumb and it should regain the shape back. It really does happen, you have to knead very well to get there.
3) For the topping, in a pan heat 1/2 tspn oil and add garlic, onion. Saute until the onions turn soft and then add tomatoes and salt. Add water if required and let it form a sauce like texture. Add chilly flakes and basil leaves and boil for a while
4) Roll out the dough to form the pizza base. The thickness would be as per your choice. I usually roll out for a thin crust base. At this point, preheat the over to 220 degree c.
5) Brush the pizza base with oil and apply the tomato sauce and add your topping. Sprinkle salt and chilly flakes and push in the oven.
6) The first pizza would almost take 20 min to bake. The follow ons will be ready in 10-12 min.

It is good to roll up the edges to avoid the pizza toppings from drizzling over.


Brush the base with some butter or oil to avoid it from drying and then add the sauce
Push it in the oven
Pull out in 20 min
Ready to go

Linking the recipe to Herbs and Flowers- Basil event hosted at this blog


nancyrobert2011 said…
What a fantastic recipe, I have to admit I am very much stuck in a rut when it comes to Pizza recipes, so I will most definitely be trying this! What are your opinions on perhaps baking a pizza on a BBQ

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