Caper Salad

The tini wini berries (salted) are popular in Mediterranean and European cuisines. It is primarily used in the pickled form as additional seasoning. It has sharp sour taste which goes perfectly well with green leafy or pasta salads. These salads are perfectly combined with fish dishes.
In the India context, we could use it as add on to the below simple salad recipe, served with garlic bread. Perfect for summer!

Let me warn that capers have a very distinctive sharp flavor and need to be added as much as you can tolerate.

They are usually available in bottled jars which contains vinegar. I normally rinse them so that the salty taste is reduced a little.

Summer Salad with home made dressing of your choice
1 bunch of Spinach (look for the one with small leaves)
1 cup of Iceberg lettuce (Use roman lettuce if you like)
½ cup cherry tomatoes
2 cucumber chopped in chunk size
1/ cup Pomegranate seeds
1 tspn of Capers (rinsed under tap water)

Few roasted nuts of your choice (Almonds/ Cashews/ Pea / any)
For dressing
2 Tbsp Olive oil
½ tspn Lime
1 tspn Sugar
Salt to taste (Remember the capers would save you atleast a quarter spoon of the normal qty)

1)      Mix all dressing in a small jar and shake vigorously to make a homogeneous dressing
2)      Mix all the salad ingredients except the nuts and toss it in the refrigerator until they are cold and crunchy.
3)      Add the dressing and nuts just before serving.
4)      Serve with Garlic toast

Warning- You might complain of good digestion , no burps, no acidity. Capers have medicinal virtue J  


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