Asparagus is a spring vegetable for the Europeans. Just like we have special winter veggies- seasonal foods are those that appear prominently in the market during the period of the year when the grow the most. Inmumbai, the concept although known can't be used as an excuse to cook certain dishes in certain seasons.
We almost get all things round the year, if not the standard harvest then the hybrid, imported or the chinese version of it.
Coming back to Asapragus, this vegetable has edible shoots when the plants are young and tneder. Once the tree grows large the shoots become very thick and are not the same taste as its younger form.
This is a popular finger food item which is ideally used as a starter with dips. It complements with all kinds of cuisines and hence can be used anytime. So next time when you come across these shoots in the super market, do not think twice about what to pick along with this. It simply goes with anything.

How to use the Asparagus?
The shoots that we get in Mumbai, are usually trimmed, but in case there are any roots just chop them off. Nip any buds if found along the stems. Before you proceed with cooking these , you can work with the various dips that you would like to use along with these as the cooking is probably the simplest thing you could do.
Boil a large pan of water with salt. Add the Asaparagus in it for 3-4 minutes and then strain the water. Tip them in bowl of cold water to have a crisp Asparagus- Do this step only if you wish to use them as a finger food.

Italian Style Sandwich
1 Loaf of Italian Bread (Crusty bread or Burger Buns would do)
2 Tbsp of Pesto sauce
Asparagus (Cooked) Cut in 1 inch small slices
2 Tbsp Capsicum Juliennes
2 Tbsp Carrot Julienne
Cheese of your coice -Mozarello goes best
1 tspn Olive Oil (butter is good too)

1) Toast the bread on both sides using the olive oil.
2) Combine all veggies and add pesto sauce.
3) Apply the veggie mixture on one slice of bread and top it with another slice of bread.
Ready to gorge!


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