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Butterscotch Besan Laddoo

Diwali without the aroma of ghee roasted besan does not get accounted for at our home. This year wont be different was my promise, but keeping in the view of new normal world, I gathered some courage to walk the unknown path.  My family is up for the food experiments, so that was taken care of, in terms of them agreeing for a change , but time is not my best friend off late, so essentially I had one chance of making the sweets and savories at home.  The basic besan laddoo recipe can be found here Butterscotch flavored besan laddoo, was an idea I had been toying for a while. Over the years, my mother has experimented with the recipes of besan laddoo to make it more flavorful, crunchier , non sticky and melt in the mouth.  That is the definition of best besan laddoo - additionally cannot be greasy to touch or powder like to eat. 

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